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Signature Membership

How to Become a Signature Member

Any artist who has exhibited in 2 previous AWS Annuals may be considered for membership. Write for details to:

AWS Signature Candidates Chair
47 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10003



Click on a letter below to access the alphabetical member list:

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First Middle Last Honors email / website
David Neil Mack
Carol Maddox
Lynne A. Magee
Kathleen Maling
Pat Malone
Martha L. Mans
James Maria
Daniel Marshall
Antonio Masi D.F.
Benjamin Mau
Anne McCartney
Geoffrey McCormack
Laurin McCracken
Jane McCullough
Carole McDermott
James McFarlane
Georgia McGraw
Jeannie McGuire
Frances H. McIlvain
Robert McIntyre
John K. McIver
Lynn McLain D.F.
Thomas G. McNickle
Carol McSweeney
Charles McVicker
Lucy Graves McVicker
Patricia Reeve Mead
Mark E. Mehaffey
Paul G. Melia DF
Joanna Mersereau
Robert Mesrop
Judy Metcalfe
Sandy Mezinis
Noel G. Miles
Joe Miller DM
Reita Walker Miller
Stan Miller
Barbara G. Millican
Janet Milnazik
Edward F. Minchin
Dean L. Mitchell D.F.
Susan Montague
Scott Moore
Elise Morenon
Judy Morris
Leigh Murphy
Michelle E. Murphy
Susan Avis Murphy

Legend of Honors for Signature Members

American Watercolor Society Signature Member AWS
Dolphin Fellow DF
Dolphin Medalist DM

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